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Oh Well, Just this once.....

Jan. 30th, 2009

12:11 pm

I friggin love Maira Kalman, and this art blog post "Inauguration at Last" in the NYT is so great.

If you haven't read her book "The Principles of Uncertainty", you should--it's really wonderful, and has a great recipe for honey spice cake in it.


Jan. 27th, 2009

03:31 pm - Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book that just won the Newberry Medal The excerpt is great. More!!!

Jan. 20th, 2009

12:20 pm - Smackdown 45

Check out the 1945 Supporting Actress Smackdown

And to prime yourself, watch the hysterical Carol Burnett parody


Jan. 16th, 2009

05:35 pm - Star Wars

By someone who hasn't seen it. Fun stuff.

Jan. 14th, 2009

01:44 pm - Gnerd

Sadly, It looks like Gnerd is already taken, meaning a geek and a nerd.

I was thinking it would be more apt as a gay nerd, as in

"You just got HD so you could watch the re-release of Sleeping Beauty? You're such a gnerd."

Or "You're reading the Tales of Beetle the Bard? Gnerd."

Oh well, another dream drowned in the cruel surf and tide of techno-slang.

It must be Wednesday.

Current Music: Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon

Jan. 6th, 2009

11:44 am - ....And we're back

Just in NM to visit my friend Brian and his partner Michael. They have a great new mid-century sixties house/complex near the University. They both had work deadlines, so I had much time to read and hang out, which was nice.

Went to The Frontier across from the University and had Western Style hashbrowns (green chile and cheese), a cinnamon roll (all butter), and a burger the next visit. They make tortillas there as well. And I learned elysesewell worked there, too. We had study groups there in college. So awesome that they don't even have a website. And they're always packed. I bought a t-shirt, since I couldn't bring green chile on the plane.

In the food arena, also went to Los Cuates and had sopapillas and more green chile. Awesome, and they do have a website.

Dragged Brian to see High School Musical 3, which he had somehow sadly missed. It's set in Albuquerque, and oh-so realistic. How did he miss it? I remember when we did million dollar musicals and Juilliard reps came to see us in our high school musicals, which some people had to miss for their three week long, three month early special orientation at Stanford. Sigh. We went to the dollar theatre!

And it snowed. Flurried. Cold.

I read Susan Cheever's memoir "Message found in a Bottle", which could have been a pamphlet, yet was not.

I also read James Thurber's "My life and hard times", which was a pamphlet almost, but a humorous one. Local color. I really want to read "The Thirteen Clocks" after hearing about it on NPR.

And I listened to all of Taylor Swift's album "Fearless" and I have to say I enjoyed it. A few songs I'll listen to more. Folky-ish, and some catchy songs--two things I like.

Sad to hear that Blake's Lotaburger gave $25,000 to Yes on 8, so I could not have a Lotaburger or a cherry shake. Take that, Blake! Cinemark, which gave a lot of money as well, controls two of the biggest movie houses, too.

Brian and Michael had an enormous open house on Sunday, and it was packed. I chatted for a long while with a woman I hadn't seen since 1989, when were both students at UNM. She's teaching there now, making theater, travelling, and has two kids. Tempus fugit.

I have been watching the videos for Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire" and "Someone like you" on my nano, since I'm developing a thing for the lead singer (who has a great rock voice) and the drummer. They're related, so that kind of makes me feel dirty...but I'll get over it.

And I learned I'm not a huge fan of Las Vegas. I've been to the airport twice now; it doesn't really make me want to visit the town. Of course, if we were judging by airports, I'd want to go to Charlotte, North Carolina for the enormous rocking chairs.

Last night I watched the German movie "Locked Up" that came in from Netflix. You can probably miss it. It's thinly disguised porn. Really bad acting, in the gayest prison you've ever seen--it looks like they just auditioned in gay gyms for anyone willing to take of his clothes. And the "American" guy has a full-on, unmistakable British accent. Kind of hysterical, if it weren't just boring. The deleted scenes showed that they weren't miming anything. Even in German.

Current Music: Sex on Fire

Dec. 17th, 2008

10:43 am - Natalie Toaster


I did an event a while back at this great old theater in Santa Barbara that was recently renovated. Their innaugural show was Natalie Cole. And I guess there was no paper or poster around, so Nat just signed the toaster in the green room:

I love this. There should be an entire celebrity-signed appliance market. And it should start with this toaster. I, unfortunately, did not get to sign the fridge. But I'm sure if Cher plays, she'll be all over it.


Dec. 15th, 2008

10:58 am - Go see this!

Yesterday, I went to see The Little Dog Laughed at the Kirk Douglas theatre.

Go if you can before it closes next week. I'm not kidding. Go.

The play is about an agent who is trying to get her main client, a gay actor, not to come out, while he is getting involved with a young hustler (played well by Johnny Galecki).

But Julie White, who is the agent, is amazing. She won a Drama Desk and an Obie, then they moved the play to Broadway and she won a Tony. And she's here doing it. She's hysterical without sacrificing depth, and you can't wait for her to come back on stage. Force of nature in Christian Louboutin shoes (and amazing clothes). Really, this is up there with the best performances I've seen, especially in a comedy--which is hard to do--she commands the stage. She's a blast.

Top actress perfs that blew my mind (and not in any order):

Vanessa Redgrave in Orpheus Descending
Zoe Caldwell in Master Class
Janet McTeer in A Doll's House
Cherry Jones in Baltimore Waltz, The Heiress, and Pride's Crossing
Audra McDonald in Master Class (frankly, between her and Zoe Caldwell, I thought the theater was going to explode)
Elaine Stritch in At Liberty and A Delicate Balance
Natasha Richardson in Cabaret
Faith Prince in Guys and Dolls
Viola Davis in King Hedley II

Current Music: Autumn in New York

Dec. 10th, 2008

08:24 am - The Quilt

So I made my first quilt from upholstery sample books for my amazing grandmother, and here it is. I gave it to her on Saturday.

Before the tying:

Full finished version:

Close up:

And the monkey fabric, since it's fun


Dec. 9th, 2008

11:36 am - 1969

Check me out over at the Supporting Actress Smackdown for 1969.

Goldie Hawn
Susannah York
Catherine Burns
Sylvia Miles
Dyan Cannon

And once I find the cable that connects my camera, I can post the photos of the quilt I made for my grandmother's 90th. I finished!

And she's amazing by the way. You'd think she's 70. She read us her poetry and talked about the meaning of life. AWESOMENESS and good genes.


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