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NOM Iowand - Oh Well, Just this once.....

Apr. 8th, 2009

08:07 pm - NOM Iowand

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The NOM people have a link where you can write to the Iowa senators. I'm not sure I'll send from their website, since you have to give your address, but I did draft a letter, since it's so fun that you can edit theirs--here's my twisting of it below--you can edit it yourself here:


I am writing to urge you to not support HJR 6, the constitutional amendment on marriage. Specifically, I am urging you to vote no on the amendment to bring HJR 6 to a floor vote before the end of this year's legislative session.

The recent decision from the Iowa Supreme Court makes one thing crystal clear: We need to leave marriage in the hands of 7 judges. It's time that the people of Iowa had a chance to have a say in the matter of defining our most basic social structure, which is why these internet people have sent this all over the country so non-Iowans like me can have our say..

There is no doubt about the views of Iowans on the matter. In a recent Hawkeye Poll, fewer than 30% of Iowa voters supported same-sex marriage, which was probably worded to be completely biased against it.

In 30 out of 30 states where voters have had a chance to vote on marriage, they have spoken loudly and clearly: Marriage is the union of a husband and wife, which we all agree on, but not only that. And most states the voters were confused, or completely lied to, like in California. On answering machines even--what won't these people stoop to?

Marriage should be left in the in the hands of a few judges, since obviously the nutsos in charge of this site don't bother to actually figure out the what the judicial branch of this country does, and certainly supports it when it's in their favor, but call judges "Activists" when it's not. Please support a constitutional amendment to protect marriage for all people--regardless of their orientation--your conscience, as well as the law, should dictate it.



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